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Duplicates Finder 3.1

It is a tool dedicated to find duplicate lines and words in a pair of files
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Duplicates Finder is a tool dedicated to find duplicate lines and words in a pair of files. It has a simple layout, and it is easy to use. The program works by loading two files in it, and pressing the "Process files" button. In just a matter of moments it will display the duplicates, if there are any. It can also combine two files, and create a single one, once the process is over.

The program is great if you want to check the similarities between two files. It recognizes almost any type of file, however it doesn't work very well detecting texts in files which contain more text formatting, like MS Word documents. It works great, however, with plain text documents. Besides finding duplicates, the program has some extra options. You can set the program to create separate excluded versions, basically meaning it will create versions of the files without the duplicates in them. And it can create so-called "joined" versions which come in two types. The first one is a file with the duplicates being included once, and the other file is completely without duplicates. You can also save the processed files from directly within the program.

Duplicates Finder is a good program, even though it seems a bit rough around the edges. It does the task it is supposed to do, however I feel that it could have been more optimized to better handle different file types.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to use
  • Works fast


  • Doesn't detect the text in MS Word documents
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